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  • SeoulSearchingFeatured

    Seoul Searching at Mongkok

    Mong Kok is one of the must-visit places in Hong Kong for tourists. It’s a night-shopping center in Kowloon West; a place portraying the union of the old and new multistory buildings with shops and restaurants at the street level. It’s a haven for retail shoppers where you can find cute and fancy merchandise.


  • FoFeatured

    Disneyland’s Flights of Fantasy

    A visit to the Happiest Place on Earth aka Disneyland will never be complete without witnessing the parade. It’s like visiting a Provincial Fiesta without watching the street dance or procession that visually narrate the history of such festivity. Hong Kong Disneyland’s Flight of Fantasy is the daytime parade event that has been started 3 years ago. The parade celebrates the dreams of Disney Characters including the character themselves.


  • HoldingOnFeatured

    Holding On – Hong Kong Edition

    This isn’t about digging in the thought of holding on or neither letting go. This is simply about love…. love for food to be specific and nothing more than that. This is one of the simplest blog entries I can share with you. You don’t need to think, you don’t need to contemplate, you don’t need to be compassionate, you don’t need to scrutinize… but you can drool.


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    At 10:45 pm on the 30th of March, I was supposed to be at the Clark International Airport as according to my plane ticket, but I wasn’t. It was already my birthday and I am still stuck inside the Terminal 2 of Hong Kong International Airport; together with all the passengers who are all stranded due to a really bad bad weather.


  • changeimage


    We always say that Change is the only permanent thing in this world yet many of us do not acknowledge our fear towards it. During parties and gatherings, when someone is given a privilege to give a message to a celebrant, I always here the line – I wish you stay the same, I hope you stay that way and I pray that you won’t change. These nature of message may seem just cliché but it somehow reflects our fear of change. We fear how a person can change and turn into someone whom we may not know...


  • paddayfeatured


    Padday na Lima, which means made by the hand is an annual Trade Fair and one of the component activities of Cagayan Valley OTOP (One Town One Product) Congress. This particular event is conducted to incessantly promote and exhibit the products and services of Cagayan Valley. Its primary aim is to prepare entrepreneurs to become more competitive in the domestic and international market.


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    I’m still on the process of motivating myself to make “active routine” a lifestyle. I only have my morning to spend working out (an hour for zumba and another for jogging), the rest of it is spend in other essential activities. Yes you read it right – I am the busiest Bum ever, so ironic, I know, and so life is. I always wear hoodie/sweater whenever I workout because it’ so cold at dawn that I find it hard to sweat amidst a vigorous physical activities.


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