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    Braving New Heights

    Every transition is a struggle. There are things you need to endure so that the process of change can help you grow. No matter how simple or minor it may seem to be, there are hardship, impatience and fulfillment. That’s why a lot of times, people who fear change decide to stay within their comfort zone for maintenance; blocking rooms for growth in all its aspects.


  • TheTruthsFeatured

    The Truths About Your Salads

    It is so ironic and a little bit of funny how health food fad needed to become over-hyped so that many people will be motivated to jump into this kind of bandwagon. It’s becoming a trend now a days and I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s the kind of subject that needed to be sensationalized consistently.


  • feat

    Risking it all though it’s hard

    This was just a random facebook post that I posted in my personal account and I just felt that it’s blog-worthy. I can obviously say that this was the longest photo caption that I have ever made with my selfie, and I don’t care if I seemed to be too cliche or mediocre. There are times when I’m overdosed with caffeine, my mind cannot stop to think to the point of digging up my deepness. Gone are the days when alcohol makes me melodramatic, now all it takes is sleep-deprivation, countless...


  • Potatomato

    Give & Take: The Potatomato Love Affair

    Not because you have changed, it doesn’t mean that you’re a completely different person. It only means that you are the same person who has undergone transformation that made you become a better individual, not only for the sake of your relationship, but also for yourself alone. You allowed yourself to grow and mature with all different ways in adjusting to give way for peace and better understanding with the people who really matter in your life. Change is healthy when it is something that made...




    I told her that she is very lucky to have a nice job that is not very energy-demanding and time consuming. I knew that her salary is not that high but I assumed that she’s still fortunate to find a job where she isn’t experiencing far-beyond-exhaustion. There are different horrible stories of OFWs abroad and it’s a nice thing that she isn’t experiencing any of it.


  • LetterFeatured


    A year ago on the same month today, as I start to warm up my body for a morning jog, I was distracted by a big rock with a message on it. I initially smirked as I’ve read it. I found it a little bit of a cliché and a mushy thought to ponder. As I continue to hop my feet on the ground as the cold morning air touched my sweating face, as I run gradually faster, my mind seem to run slowly as the message on that big rock moved me, that it made me contemplate on it the whole morning.




    As years passed by, set of friends became casual acquaintances; I believe that it was not a bad sign but rather a manifestation of maturing. When you grow older, you will not need many friends, because not all people will be available to become your friend at your lowest point in life. The whole town cannot comfort you when you feel broken.


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